3-2-1: Live Stocks in Notion, PARA Flowchart & Notion-style Icons

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5 Resources

1/ Real-time stock prices in Notion

A few weeks ago, I showed you how to retrieve live cryptocurrency prices in Notion using automation. Well, I discovered a new API that enables you to do the same for stock prices. So, if you're in the midst of building a complete finance dashboard on Notion, you might want to check out this new tutorial.

Again, it's 100% free. I used Make for the automation, and Financial Modeling Prep for the API. This step-by-step tutorial comes with a free investment tracker template, so feel free to check it out:

Access Tutorial

2/ Twitter to Notion Extension

I found a cool little script that enables you to bookmark tweets directly into Notion. All you have to do is download the code, follow the steps, and voila ✨

You should have the Notion icon at the bottom-left of each tweet, which lets you save the tweet owner, URLs, date, and tweet content.

Download Extension

3/ PARA workflow in Notion

Marie Poulin is still at the top of the Notion game and workflows. She recently published a new post called Using the PARA Method with Notion.

What I enjoyed the most while reading it was her storage flowchart 👇

Source: Using The Para Method With Notion

I find it fascinating to see how people operate and build their own systems, and this type of flowchart gives you an overview of both.

It's quite a long read, but if you're interested in building a complete PARA system on Notion, I couldn't recommend it more.

Read it here

4/ Notion-style icons

Are you tired of seeing the same Notion icons all the time? Well, I have an alternative for you. Marie Amato is a brilliant illustrator whose work I have already showcased, and she has just released a collection of 150 Notion-style icons. You can preview the icons here. If you're interested, you can purchase them in high resolution (PNG or SVG) for $19 using the link below:

Download Here

5/ Grid

Gris is a smart spreadsheet software that integrates perfectly with Notion. Using data from your Notion workspace, you can use Grid to build business calculators, dynamic financial models, interactive reports, and dashboards. And if you want to keep everything inside Notion, all you have to do is embed the Grid chart back onto your Notion page.

Try Grid (for free)

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