3-2-1: Tagging system, Back to top, & Notion Birthday Card

Hey — It's Rames

Just settled into my new apartment in Mauritius. Enjoying the beach, coconuts & the never-ending updates from the Notion ecosystem.

Let’s start this week: 3-2-1… Notion 💥

3 Tips

1/ How to build a tagging system

Notion may be the king of database-based apps, but it still lacks the ability of referencing data inside a page (something that Roam & Obsidian do well better). But if you keep everything stored in databases, there’s something you can do to better retrieve information (other than the @MentionPage / backlink feature).

Tags Database

The solution I have for you consists in building a “Tags” database.
It’s super easy to set up:

1. Create a new database & call it “Tags”

2. Add 2-way relations between this Tags database & any other database you want to retrieve information from (e.g. your Library, Research, Cooking databases, etc.)

3. [optional] add a multi-select property & call it “Topics” (this will allow better filtering of your tags)

4. Show all your related databases as “Sections”

Show as "page section"

5. For each related databases, you can also show which properties to appear

Show/Hide properties

Now that everything is set up, all you have to do is create a new tag or select an existing one whenever you want to save some bit of information that’s present inside a related database 🚀

2/ Back to top ⤴️

Some Notion pages require a TON of text: product/feature descriptions, SOPs, writing a book (any Notion template for that??), etc. So you might wanna know how to go back to the top of your page ⚡ instantly ⚡.

There’s 2 methods:

  1. Build a back to top button: super easy to set up! You add a table of content (shortcut: /toc) at the top of your page & copy its link (”Copy link to block”). Then, you write “Back to top” where you want to add your button & paste the table of content's link
  2. The hidden Notion feature: not many know this trick, but you can click the name of the page in the top left breadcrumb to return to the top.
Notion breadcrumb

If it’s a personal Notion page, I suggest using the Notion feature. But if it’s a (publicly) shared page, the “back to top” button is a better option as not many users know the native feature.

3/ Dates trick: from Google Sheet to Notion

If you’re looking for a quick way to add a bunch of dates to a Notion database, I have a hack for you. It’s something I did for my Ultimate Habit Tracker template (free), as I needed to import all years dates (365 rows).

  1. Create a new Google Sheet
  2. Add your first date (in my case it was January 1, 2023)
  3. Drag until end date (in my case December 31, 2023)
  4. Copy all dates & paste them in your Notion database

Sooo much easier!

2 Resources

1/ New Notion icons

Do you love icons? I do - especially Notion icons!

Great news: they just announced that, partnering with Parakeet, they added 200 icons to their library! They also updated brand design & improved the search.

Notion Icons.jpg
Source: @NotionHQ on Twitter

That’s the kind of update that makes me 😍

2/ Tally: the beautifullest Nocode form


I’m sure many of you already heard about Tally. But let me reintroduce them.

Tally is Notion’s best friend when it comes to forms:

  • it’s beautiful
  • its interface & design is very similar to Notion
  • any form can be embedded in a Notion page (and on any website)
  • form answers can be automatically added to your Notion database of choice (without using automation apps such as Zapier or Make)

What more do you need?

Try Tally (100% Free)

1 Tweek: Tweet of the Week

That’s it for this new edition - if you enjoyed, please consider sharing it with your best Notion buddy 🐻

See ya!

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