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Where to Find & Duplicate Notion Templates: The Best Marketplaces

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Are you tired of spending hours creating a Notion page from scratch? Save some headaches and get started with a pre-made template! Not only do Notion templates save you time, but they can also provide inspiration for new ideas. Plus, there is a TON of great free templates, aesthetic templates, that come with a well-designed dashboard, trackers, and planner systems.

In this post, I will introduce you to my top 5 Notion templates marketplaces, where you can find templates for personal, startup, freelancing, website, students, and more. These marketplaces have been carefully curated to offer you the best selection of templates.

PS: for the same digital product, the price may not be the same on different marketplaces. Before any purchase, check them all to find the best deal and/or discount codes.

Notion Template Marketplaces

1/ Notion Template Gallery

For carefully hand-crafted Notion templates, head to the official Notion template gallery (previously called Notion Picks). They take template reviews seriously, so you can trust that the templates they offer are of high quality. Also, their free templates are directly cloneable to your workspace. They host some of my personal digital products, such as my Automated Freelancer Dashboard & my Ultimate Workout Tracker. Notion template gallery also have templates made by the Notion team itself: Second Brain, Finance Tracker, Marketing Manager, Sales Generator, etc. All with great design.

Notion Template Gallery

2/ The Notion Corner

Looking for the best templates for personal, startup, freelancing, business and website use? Look no further than The Notion Corner! Actually built on Notion using Super, this marketplace offers a top-notch selection of the best & free templates on the market. They also have a list of Notion resources, such as third-party plugins, icons, automation apps, widgets, and more!

The Notion Corner

3/ Notionery

As they say, Notionery is made by creators, for creators. This popular marketplace offers a beautiful selection of free and paid Notion templates. Notionery also has a Notion Certified Consultants section, where you can find templates created by someone who is actually known and trusted by the Notion team.


4/ Notion Everything

Notion Everything has one of the strongest business-oriented sets of templates. You’ll find some of the best products for marketing, project & tasks management, startups, students, and any other type of dashboards. They carefully review each template submitted, ensuring quality. The same goes for paid and free products as well.

Notion Everything

5/ Gridfiti

‍Gridifiti is not just a Notion Template Marketplace; it is more like a large blog that catalogs and organizes Notion templates by topic. For example, you can find a collection of the 10 best Notion Airbnb templates for hosts and property managers here. In addition to templates, Gridifiti also offers lifestyle-oriented content such as screensavers, timers, Mac widgets, apps, extensions, and more. Think of it as a comprehensive curator for all things internet-related.


6/ Notions

Notions is a beautiful Notion template marketplace created by Solt Wagner, a certified Notion creator. They also have a blog and a Facebook group that anyone can join to stay updated with their latest releases. If you want to download free or paid Notion templates, it’s a great website to shop.


7/ Notionland

Notionland, created by Matt Hamilton, is a fantastic resource to find free, premium, and aesthetic Notion templates. Their blog offers valuable resources for Notion beginners, including articles like How to Use Notion As a Student and How to Add Widgets to Notion. Additionally, they have a Tools & Widgets section where you can explore various Notion apps and extensions.


Bonus: Etsy

Also, don't hesitate to check out Etsy for a wide variety of planner and tracker templates. While it may not be a marketplace focused specifically on Notion, they offer many great templates, both free and paid. Just be aware that Etsy does not review newly published templates, so be careful whith what you shop.


Duplicate & Download Notion Templates

Duplicate button to download Notion templates

Once you find the ideal template for your business or personal life, purchasing and using it is easy. Make sure you already have a Notion account (if not, you can create one using my affiliated link), then after your purchase, you will be redirected to, or receive, a link to a Notion public website. On the top right of the page, there will be a “Duplicate” button. Click it, and the template will be automatically duplicated to your workspace.

Most templates come with instructions, including best practices and examples. You can also contact the creator if you have any issues understanding the template. If you can't reach the creator, there are many communities out there, such as Notion on Reddit or Notion on Twitter, where you can ask questions.

Before purchasing any template, be sure to check other marketplaces. You may find the exact same template at a discounted price, or even for free.

These Notion template marketplaces can help you save time and enhance the appearance of your Notion pages, giving them an aesthetic and professional design.

Start now & create your Notion account 🙃
What are the benefits of using Notion templates?

Notion templates save you time, provide inspiration for new ideas, and often come with a well-designed dashboard, trackers, and planner systems. These templates can greatly enhance the appearance of your Notion pages, giving them an aesthetic and professional design.

What are some recommended marketplaces to find Notion templates?

The blog post recommends several marketplaces including the Notion Template Gallery, The Notion Corner, Notionery, Notion Everything, Gridfiti, and Notions. Each of these marketplaces offers a unique range of templates for various purposes like business, personal, startup, freelancing, website and students.

How can I use a purchased Notion template?

Once you purchase a Notion template, you will receive a link to a Notion public website. On this page, there will be a “Duplicate” button. By clicking it, the template will be automatically duplicated to your workspace. Most templates also come with instructions for easy understanding and use.

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