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Create & share custom Notion views

This might resonate differently for most people, but for me and everyone working with clients, this is EPIC news.

Julien Nahum, the maker behind Noteforms (previously Notionforms), has developed another amazing tool that will solve the problem all agency-type businesses had with Notion.

The problem: With Notion, you can't share a custom view of a master database with someone without giving them access to the entire database. Even if you apply filters or lock your database. This is inconvenient if you have a master Projects database with relations to each of your clients and you want to share only their projects with them.

The solution: Julien's tool solves this issue by replicating the filtered view in a nice-looking interface that you can share with your clients as an external link. They only have access to their data and not the entire database. And the best part? Clients can edit the information!

Create & share custom Notion views with Noteforms
See how it works on video

So if you're an agency owner, working with multiple clients, you can now share your MASTER projects/tasks databases with them. They will only see their own projects/tasks (without access to the entire database), and they can update the status or any other properties.

That's a game-changer!

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