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Notion Bullet Journal Template

Notion Bullet Journal Video
Source: Josh Redd on Youtube

For those of you who have been following this newsletter for a while, you might remember me mentioning the Perspectives Method, a framework for building and organizing pages in Notion. Created by Josh Redd, it enables you to get rid of Notion's sidebar and use a new in-app navigation bar that allows you to access all your pages at once, per applications.

Well, Josh Redd is back with a new video, which is as good as its first one. It's called the Perspectives Journal, and using the Perspectives Method, he has recreated the famous Bullet Journal in a digital format.

Watch the video

The video comes with a (paid) template, also called Perspectives Journal, which uses a daily page system.

The daily page is the bread and butter of the Perspectives Journal. No need to jump around dashboards, find a quick capture button, or fill out database properties to make sure things show up in the right spot. One page. It’s that simple. Take life one day at a time and trust the system. You’ll not only be better organized, you’ll feel better organized.

Readers of 3-2-1: Notion!, enjoy a 50% discount on the template using the code 321JOURNAL, which makes it only $12.5 (yes — the price of a cheap meal).

Download the template

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