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Slack AI Connector

Notion's most significant feature release last week was what they refer to as AI connectors. Essentially, this allows you to link other apps, such as Slack, to their AI/Q&A. This enables you to search for information nested within these apps directly from Notion.

Today, Notion AI enables you to ask any questions about the content in your Notion workspace. With Notion AI connectors, when you ask a question, Notion AI will also surface relevant information from your connected apps, citing specific sources it referenced. Notion AI connectors are currently in beta and subject to the beta provisions in your agreement, if any.

To start, we’re integrating Notion AI with Slack, with Google Drive and other apps coming soon.

Here are three use cases they shared on Twitter:

  1. Access your company’s collective knowledge
  2. Paste a Slack thread and ask Notion AI to summarize or identify action items instantly
  3. Prep a meeting with the most relevant and timely answers

Notion has released a very detailed guide to assist you in connecting to Slack and properly setting up the integration.

Search Slack messages in Notion
Source: Notion on Twitter

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