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Split full name into first & last

If you need to separate the first and last name from a full name in one row, you do it manually. For 10 rows, you also do it manually. But what happens when you need to do it for dozens, hundreds, or thousands of rows?

Well, you need formulas.

To separate first and last names:

  1. In your database, create two new formula properties ("First name" & "Last name").
  2. In the first name property, input the following formula: replaceAll(prop("Full name"), "(?<= ).+(?=)", "")
  3. In the last name property, input the following formula: substring(prop("Full name"), length(prop("First name")))

The First name formula will scan the Full name and get only the part before the first space. The Last name formula will "subtract" the First name from the Full name.

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