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Reddit Most Popular Student Notion Templates

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Reddit has been one of Notion's core levers for growth. If hundreds of years ago, people used to communicate the latest news in the main place of the village, Reddit has now become the epicenter of news for 21st-century people. But why has it worked so well for Notion?

Well, first, because Reddit's Notion community has always been awesome. In the beginning, it was quite small, and people exchanged all sorts of hacks, tips, and product updates. Plus, moderators were (and still are) really engaged, trying their best to make that place warm and cozy.

But secondly, and part of what triggered this huge growth for Notion, were the people who shared their own beautifully crafted Notion dashboards. Before paid templates were a thing, people loved to showcase their workspaces and share them with others.

So let me share with you, as of June 2023, the 10 most popular (and frankly, most beautiful) Notion student setups on Reddit.

PS: feel free to join the beautiful community on the r/Notion.

Top 10 Most Upvoted Notion Dashboards

10/ Aesthtetic Student Planner

Aesthetic Notion Student Planner

The Aesthetics Student Planner takes a refreshing departure from typical setups, boasting a chic minimalist design accentuated with cozy, earthy hues. Despite its seemingly simple façade, this planner is expertly organized, providing seamless access to all sections with just one click.

Aesthetics Student Planner-ALL-IN-ONE student school planner- Free notion template

9/ Dark Mode Student Template

Dark Mode Notion Student Dashboard

This dark-themed setup is simply stunning! Despite the complexity of the formulas used throughout, the result is truly impressive. It's a shame it didn't rank higher on the list, as it is definitely deserving of more recognition.

My Updated Notion Setup. All Ready For 2022!

8/ Pastel Semester Dashboard

First Semester Student Notion Dashboard

The serene palette of this setup is reminiscent of school days, evoking a sense of nostalgia. The minimalist design creates a distraction-free environment that enhances focus and concentration, making it perfect for studying.

Can't wait to use my new setup for the coming semester

7/ Life Wiki Notion Template

Life Wiki Notion Template

This setup is a hidden gem, although it may not even be used by a student. Nevertheless, it exudes a student setup vibe and deserves its spot on this list. With quick access to tasks, frequently used links, pages, and goals, this template is a true productivity powerhouse. And let's not forget the beautifully designed calendar setup that is sure to catch anyone's eye.

Recently found out about Notion, and I'm obsessed! This is my first dashboard.

6/ Girly Study Page

Notion pink-themed study page

This pink-themed Notion dashboard is a true masterpiece, combining elegant simplicity with practicality. Its straightforward design is a breath of fresh air, providing a distraction-free environment to enhance productivity and focus. Its creator has clearly put a lot of thought into every detail, resulting in a beautiful and functional student setup that is sure to inspire others.

Pink Sailor Moon Study Schedule Setup ♡

5/ Pink Student Notion Template

Pink Girl Notion Study Hub

This Notion setup is an absolute work of art! The attention to detail is simply stunning, and it's clear that a tremendous amount of thought was put into every aspect of this dashboard. It's truly breathtaking and deserving of all the praise it has received. A stunning masterpiece, indeed!

all-in-one pink & cute university dashboard setup ♡ all gfx are mine!

4/ Anime Themed Dashboard

Simple Student Notion Template

This setup is truly impressive, featuring a great theme and excellent use of widgets that make it stand out from the crowd. It's clear that a lot of thought and care was put into every aspect of this dashboard, resulting in a truly remarkable achievement that is sure to inspire and motivate others.

my attempt at a simple student hub!

3/ Lofi Girl Home Notion Page

Lofi Girl Personal Notion Template

This gorgeous pale-colored setup is a true standout, uniquely combining simplicity with an aesthetically pleasing layout that is sure to inspire anyone to get studying! Despite its seemingly straightforward design, it's clear that a lot of thought and care went into every aspect of this dashboard.

my notion setup!!! colorful

2/ Hayao Miyazaki Notion Dashboard

Hayao Miyazaki Notion Dashboard

This Notion setup is a true standout, with a super well-designed layout and great taste. What sets it apart is its masterful use of pictures, especially between the cover and the large-width picture at the bottom. It's also nice to see a dashboard with little utilisation of highlights.

my 2021 homepage setup ☆

1/ Green & Plants Notion Template

Green & Plants Notion Template

And last but certainly not least, we have the winner of the most popular student setup: Kaelestial's beautifully crafted dashboard. Although the screenshot doesn't quite do it justice, the amount of care and effort that went into this masterpiece is truly remarkable. Be sure to check out the video on Reddit to fully appreciate this stunning creation!

i updated my notion and made a template :)

Final words

These Notion student setups are not just aesthetically pleasing, but also highly functional and practical. They showcase the versatility of Notion as a productivity tool and how it can be customized to fit different needs and preferences. Whether you're a student looking to organize your academic life or someone who wants to increase their productivity, these setups are sure to inspire and motivate you to make the most of Notion. So why not try creating your own Notion setup and join the #notionporn trend? Who knows, your setup might just make it to the list of the most popular Notion setups next time!

Start now & create your Notion account 🙃
What role does Reddit play in Notion's growth?

Reddit has been one of Notion's core levers for growth. The Reddit's Notion community has been thriving in sharing hacks, tips, product updates, and showcasing beautifully crafted Notion dashboards, drawing more users to Notion.

What made the 'Green & Plants Notion Template' popular?

The 'Green & Plants Notion Template' ranked #1 as the most popular setup due to its beautifully crafted dashboard. Care and effort were clearly invested into creating a homely and functional design, showcasing studies coupled with a love for greenery and plants.

What are some aesthetic themes in the top 10 most upvoted Notion student setups?

The top 10 most upvoted Notion student setups feature a variety of aesthetic themes including, minimalist designs, warm earthy hues, dark themes, serene pastel colours, vibrant pinks, and even an anime-themed setup, demonstrating the broad spectrum of customization potential for Notion dashboards.

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