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Notion Home Update: Notion Calendar Preview & Linked Databases

Ok — hold on, because Home got a really nice revamp. Two new updates to share here:

1/ Notion Calendar made its way into Home. You can see your upcoming events, which is quite convenient, and you can also add new events using the + icon. If you click the ••• icon, you can also set your display preferences such as your different calendars, number of days, all-day events, events without participants & events without conferencing.

2/ Notion also added the option to preview some of your favorite databases that aren't Tasks. Simply add a new view, select your preferred database, and voilà! Full customization all the way 😎

Pro tip: You can use this same system to add multiple databases in one view on your normal pages.

PS: It seems they have also rolled out Home to all accounts — so if you were still waiting to gain access to it, check your sidebar for the Home page 😉

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