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Sync Notion parent-task dates with sub-task dates

If you're using Notion's sub-items feature, you might find the lack of cohesion between parent-items and sub-items somewhat frustrating. For instance, wouldn't it be convenient if the parent task's "date" property could automatically update based on the dates of its sub-tasks?

I attempted to solve this problem using formulas. Here's what I devised for the date example:

/* Differenciate parent-tasks from sub-tasks (+sub-tasks with empty due dates) */
/* Create the parent task range */
/* Get sub-tasks */
/* Get sub-tasks due dates */
/* Sort dates in ascending order */
/* Get the most recent date */
/* Get its start date */

/* Repeat for end date */
map(prop("Sub-tasks"), current.prop("Due").dateEnd()).sort().last().dateEnd())

This formula essentially generates a new date range for the parent tasks, using the earliest start date and the latest end date from all of its sub-tasks.

Notion change parent dates from sub dates

If you want to apply this formula to your own task manager, remember to name your properties as follows:

  • Parent task (relation) → "Parent-task"
  • Sub task (relation) → "Sub-tasks"
  • Date (date) → "Due"

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